Chad DiGirolamo

Chad DiGirolamo

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First Name * Chad
Last Name * DiGirolamo
Username * radbadchad
Country * USA
City Raleigh
Nationality American
Languages English





My name is Chad, I’m a Goonie and a card-holding member of the Monster Squad – a kid at the controls of a 30(some)-year-old body. I’m a rather exceptional individual, with a rather unique sense of humor, or so I like to think. I have a beautiful wife named Cynthia who is my guiding light and two smart, strong little boys named Rocco and Jack.

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I was never in the military, but was part of a military family, which uniquely allowed me to grow up in one place – Southern Maryland. I went to college full time for a year after high school (circa 2000) where I began my CG experience, making backgrounds for my computer. After that first year in school, I was hired by one of the largest defense contractors for the military (BAE Systems), where I worked as an illustrator for a little less than a year before I was picked up by a lot smaller defense contractor that wanted to double my salary and give me a nifty little gadget, called a beeper! I receive my Top Secret SSBI Security Clearance by the time I was 19 and developed my skills during my 8 years of solitude, in a vault, working as a graphic artist for the Navy in the deep, dark underworld of DC (true story – really). But I have since emerged as a man, winced at the sun, and moved to Raleigh, North Carolina where I’ve been working for the past 7 years in the public sector where I belong.

I have received two certificates from the School of Communication Arts (Now Living Arts College) for Advanced Computer Animation and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Animation from Full Sail University.

With all this being said and without further delaying you getting back to the graphics -

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